How it Works

List your ad space on adkick for FREE. 

Adkick is the one stop portal for unique local advertising. We have a variety of ad spaces to rent across the country. If you own or manage any type of unique ad space you can upload it to adkick for rent. Your ad space will be shown to a large audience, not only on our website, but on social media channels too. We do everything we can to sell your ad space as quickly as possible.


Upload Your Ad Space

Upload your  advertising space onto adkick with pricing, space information, location and photos.


Easy Booking

Once uploaded, it will appear on our website ready to be booked. The customer selects the dates they require, when will then contact yourself to confirm the space is available.


Secure Payment

We will invoice the customer directly for payment, once we receive funds, we will deduct our commission then and forward the money onto you.

Frequently asked questions about listing ad space

How do i list a space?

To start the process, click “List your space” on our homepage. From here you will be asked to enter details about the space, including location, size, monthly audience, price etc
Once you have submitted the space, we will approve the space, it will then become live on our site.

How do bookings work?

Our website allows you or your business to advertise your traditional ad space. We advertise your space to all types of organizations including businesses, charities, and individuals. They can then book your space through our website. The customer conducts a search, they can search the area they are looking to advertise in. Once they have found the advert that they are looking to book, they can select the dates that they would like to advertise. We will then contact you to check these dates are available. If so, we will send a invoice to the customer for the cost of the space and the time required.

What type of advertisements can I upload?

We accept any unique advertisements, which can range from anything including Billboards, Bus stops, Street furniture, Mobile advertising trailers, ad walkers, Blimps, radio, magazines, newspapers, television etc

We do not accept advertisements on websites, email marketing, mobile phone ads etc

If you are unsure, please contact us to check.

How much do you charge?

It is completely free to advertise your space on adkick. However once a booking has been made, we do charge a small commission on the booking cost. The customer pays us, we then deduct our commission and pay you ASAP. We handle any enquires from the customers and deal with bookings. Once a customer would like to make a booking, they select the dates they require and we will check with yourself before any payment is made.

What sort of pictures do I need?

Please upload a nice clear image of the adspace, this will help the customer with their decision to book the space.  Please contact us if you do not have any images, we can help with this.